Lifelong Learning in Retirement at The Highlands


Greetings to our Prospective and Returning Members!


If you are open to learning and to enjoying new, enriching experiences in your life, look into our highly diverse curriculum for the Spring semester, which begins on February 8, 2016.  Our classes encourage discussion with other members and instructors to develop higher level thinking skills.

LLRH, Lifelong Learning in Retirement at The Highlands, is an affiliate of 413 member groups of the Road Scholar Institute Network.  The Curriculum Committee has scheduled 22 courses and trips with instructors, who deliver high caliber classes and courses.

All course information and forms can be found at website or The Highlands website. Complete the registration/membership form ONLINE and pay by credit card. The membership fees are reasonable, $40 for Highlands residents and $50 for non-Highlands residents.
The fee includes a maximum of 10 courses.  Attached are the schedule of courses and course descriptions.  If you have questions, call one of the members below.

Mark your calendar, schedule LLRH classes, and take advantage of the opportunities to meet new friends and to engage in social interactions and discussions at The Highlands clubhouse.  LLRH recognizes that you may be retired, but your quest for learning, inquiry, and curiosity is active.

Mary Tofel

Board Members:  Mary Tofel, 744-0321,; Judy Heinrich,572-8388,;  
Peter Edwards, 784-1524,; Carl Norton, 572-2025,;
Ella Poore, 744-6572, 

What is Lifelong Learning in Retirement all about?

LLRH, Lifelong Learning in Retirement at the Highlands, is an independent, non-profit organization affiliated with Road Scholar/ Elderhostel.  Its purpose is to provide learning opportunities to adults 50 years and older in a supportive and constructive environment. LLRH is a member/volunteer-driven organization with dynamic instructors, and many are experts in their field.


Generally, LLRH members do not have homework assignments or tests. Opportunities exist for in-depth discussions and lively social interaction, which enhance the joy of learning and mental fitness.

We offer a great variety of courses, taught by quality instructors for an affordable price.   For one low registration fee you can attend as many courses in a semester that you would like!